DatabaseSkills provide help to address the following customer issues:

  • Is your DBA team overworked?
  • Could you benefit from a "consultant DBA" to augment your DBA team?
  • Do you need a dedicated DBA who works with your DBA team on a weekly schedule?
  • Do you need a dedicated DBA who intimately understands your business, architecture, and database infrastructure?
  • Do you need a Certified DBA with direct channel access into SQLServer / MySQL Support?
  • Do you want access to SQL Server / MySQL database expertise?
  • Do you need a cost-effective DBA solution?

DatabaseSkills use proven methodologies and expertise in database administration, security, performance tuning, replication, backup, and fault-tolerance in providing this service. DatabaseSkills will work closely with customers to offer the following services [full detail on Services]:

  • Analyze their current database infrastructure
  • Analyze their database requirements
  • Identify potential issues and limitations
  • Diagnose issues in complex application architectures
  • Improve database infrastructure, architecture, and design
  • Install, configure and administer SQLServer / MySQL
  • Apply the latest SQLServer / MySQL patches and version upgrades
  • Schedule backup & recovery
  • Set-up and manage replication
  • Help secure their database environments
  • Benchmark, load test, and optimize critical SQL queries
  • Help proactively manage performance and capacity planning
  • Implement best practices and recommend tools for managing their database infrastructures

Scope of Work
  • Covers all DBA functions

  • Design, installation, configuration, and administration of customers' SQLServer / MySQL databases

  • Improved reliability, security and performance
  • Help minimize project risk through better assessment of effort and project scope
  • Knowledge transfer and skills development for SQLServer / MySQL DBA
  • Learn administration best practices