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Description :

This advance data loader application is designed to manipulate database from heterogeneous data sources. The application has two main functionnalities. The first is to transfer data form multiple data sources to SQL server. The second is to validatate schema form any data sources to a SQL Server schema. In the future release, the destination as the source will be able to be from different operational system.

You can download the binary from the attachment sections. This is a beta release and does not come with a installation and usage guide. It will be provided in the version 1 of the binary file.

Technical features :
  • Easy to install, 1 application to be implemented, no dependency
  • Database server source customized XML config file.
  • Objects to be examined customized XML file.
  • Multi-Thread engine for faster and more efficient transfer
  • Set of advanced XML monitoring functions
  • Advance dataloader functionnalities