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Description :

SQLSearchEngine (SSE) combines the following RDBMS native technoloy : FullText, XML and regular SQL indexes. It's a search engine evolutive that takes nothing for granted and use the best of your RDBMS to provide you with the best possible results.
It will use SQL base index for scalar values , will use Xml index to handle structured data and finally full text index for all you text indexing needs.

The indexes are setup knowing that you are using an index strategy today that can drastically change tomorow. Therefore the application give you the ability to re-setup and configure our index in a easy and flexible way over time.

The project use a configuration interface allowing configuration of the 3 modules SQL index , Xml Index and full text indexes according to the indexing requirements of the customer.

Architecture abstract :

Technical features :

  • Indexation schema compatible multi-system SQL Server / Oracle / MySQL
  • Strong indexation process optimized per databases and objects to be indexed
  • Putting your index in relational format could seriously ease the processes of :
    - deploying solution and upgrades;
    - easy to backup
    - easy to implement high availability
    - finally totally stateless can be a good candidate for cloud computing
  • high statistic module implementation for indexation log information and research done by your users. giving you the tools to see and understand if your current setup is performing well at any giving time and tell you if it's time to change the index configuration to add additional parameters.
  • autonomous and stateless can be completely detached from your production database
  • accessible natively by your DBMS or by effective soap web-service

Additional modules :

Advanced Soap web-service methods
Statistics module
Warm cache Service
iPush service

Installation & Support :

I'm available for detailed presentation, training services around RDBMS and search capabilities can also be provided. To help knowing the best practices and the assets of each RDBMS.

The average implementation plan fallows the steps below :

The Solution can be implemented via :
  • VmWare
  • HyperV / VirtualPC
  • Physical Server (recommended)
  • Virtual Appliance (to be defined)
RDBMS Supported Today :
  • SQL Server 2005 / 2008 Express
  • SQL Server 2005  / 2008 / 2008 R2
RDBMS Support Planned :
  • Oracle 10G Express
  • Oracle 11 / 12
  • MySQL / PostGre  
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