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Description :

This is a library of dll functions and methods to retrieve Server installation information from one side. And from another section, will allow the user to run a set of user defined queries against a different set of servers and get the result statistics out of it. This will prevent lock contention possible errors and will identify the queries that need to be optimzed.

The servers and queries are not attached to any fixed connection, you can use this tool with SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or PostGreSQL database. Yo just to defined, prior the execution, the server list connection strings.

The queries that will be used during the stress process are to be setup within an XML File. the list is not limited and there is no restriction on what to be executed (Ad-Hoc queries, stored procedures, assembly, ETLs etc..)

You can download the library from the attachment sections. This is a beta release and does not come with a installation and usage guide. It will be provided in the version 1 of the library.

Technical features :
  • Easy to install, 1 dlls to be implemented (.net windows / web application)
  • Database server customized XML file.
  • SQL Queries customized XML file.
  • Multi-Thread engine with random algorithm
  • Export stress process result for future analysis (over time / over datbase changes for example)

Screeen shots :

* Retrieving Server information

* Running Stress Test Engine

Ricardo Fonseca,
Dec 3, 2008, 7:10 AM